Marketyo Inc. was born with passion and detailed research in retailing of three entrepreneurs. Marketyo Inc. develops systems covering all needs of the retailing area, by taking into account all sides of marketing, data base management and logistics. Marketyo Inc. partners are not only specialised and experienced on retailing, but also coming from different disciplines like computer science, business administration and sociology. This is one the very unique side of the Marketyo Inc. that differs its systems from other ready e-commerce packages, that’s why Marketyo Inc. does not offer just a software. We develop code architecture being flexible for integrating with different kinds of database easily. The other specialties increase compatibility of Marketyo Inc. systems to integrate marketing and logistics, as well as its systems harmony with mobile platforms.

Marketyo has started first investment tours by the middle of 2017 and has received first fund raising from a German investor company, Esor GmbH on November 2017 via Keiretsu Forum. By the influence of new partners, Marketyo Inc. continues to emerge in new markets around Europe and North America.